Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Following the Ladder

Recently a number of ladder tracking sites like have sprung up and that is great, since it allows you to get a better feel for who is good and who is coming up in the scene. Unfortunately there is no obvious way to break it down on a country-by-country basis.

Back in the early days of Warcraft III I ran a similar tracking site just for the Danish Warcraft community. In other words it is obvious for me to do the same now for Starcraft II.

imageThe above screenshot is from, which now  shows the standings in the Danish Starcraft II community. It is currently updated whenever I feel like it (which is often, but not really predictable).

Working on a service like the one above really makes you realize how much more you’d prefer to have the hidden ranking behind the scenes and not the points accumulated due to bonus pools and whatnot. It’s obvious to me, that a top gold player very well can be significantly better than a low platinum player, so it is a bit annoying to put the first, below the second.

On the other hand, this gives an overview over who have done the most to climb, and over time it should all sort itself out.