Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recommended VODs while SC2 on hiatus

There really isn’t that much to write about while we are waiting for us being able to play Starcraft II again.

I watched Husky and HDStarcraft’s 2v2 commentaries here. I’m normally not that excited about the stuff they do, cause I think they are to colorful and not analytical enough, but those games are not that serious anyways.


  1. There are still streams of BW you know :-)

  2. Dude, Guys, BETA IS BACK FOR USA!!!!!!! ^^ Don't u wish you had the USA server, not the europe one? ^^ :)

    Also, the AI is a lot better!

  3. My F5 key is officially about to die.... Damn, this annoying. I've asked my contacts in the Danish army to parachute in and occupy Blizzard's data center in Europe :-).