Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Placement Matches Gone Crazy?

What has happend to placement matches after beta phase 2 started? They seem to have become seriously harder. In fact Sklent and I managed to go 2-3 in our 2v2 placement matches due to us mostly encountering Diamond league teams. I don’t mind losing, but the end result seems to be a pretty bad indication of our level as a team. Now we are in bronze, and surely we are a lot better than that?
In fact I managed an perfect 5-0 in 1v1 and another 5-0 with Qvist in 2v2. Both landed us in gold. It seems fair that you can’t place into the very best league, but it kind of leaves all those who are truly bad at the game in an awful situation: Stuck in bronze with a ton of players who are actually decent.
I wonder what Blizzard is up to.


  1. Just give it time and it'll all work out. After all, it's just a placement match. Over time, your ranking and league will get to where they're supposed to be anyway. Five games will never be enough to get an accurate reflection of someone's skill.

  2. I'm not so concerned about me getting the credit I deserve (cause that ain't a whole lot anyway), but more about whether the whole system is broken at the moment? Launch day is not so far away and right now you pretty much seem to get in a random league after your placement matches.