Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo of the Day

Oh, how I love stasis…Stasis2

Especially when an opponent does not spread out his tanks.


  1. But then I can't just MAX recall on the large cracks in-between the tanks and create a big minefield to :
    Minefield activate-> go to my units-> blow up at my units and at tanks! -> all tanks=dead my units->damaged(some not if u can have enough arbiters to recall a few units back as soon as first tank blows)

  2. LOL that sounds hilarious and impractical at the same time. If you can get that many arbiters then why not instead of recalling his army just instead recall at every base he has while he is pushing out? lol.

    heck you could even have made mass HT instead of arbiters and then morph 1 archon-> ALL HTS HULLICINATE 1 ARCHON-> Load archons on 10shuttles-> drop on enemy mining-> enemy disconnects because of your fake attack!-> make sure u talk to him after he watches the replay -> Giant humiliation for your opponent!

    Fafner: Nice job with that stasis! I bet that the next time you play Terran again you'll get Stasised like that yourself! lol!

  3. Type this in when your opponent is toss and is rushing you with Zealots lol!
    favorite quote:
    "Zealots only is bad manner"

  4. Yes its me again! =D
    I've been searching around for lots of guides and found this compilation of resources!
    GL HF

  5. Newly posted on! This will help you in execution of FE(fast expand) on Fighting Spirit!
    I hope your win count starts going over your losses!

  6. I just red your whole blog, I've been gaming starcraft for years, in a little bits now and then and I'm now trying to get into little more competative gaming, though only for my casual fun. Your blog has been inspiring and interesting to read, keep it up mate!! :)

  7. what a coincidence! I just had the same experience as the guy/girl before me! I have even read all of your comments you've responded to and gotten and were sent to you and if I were you I would read what BabyToss put down because the guides he gave you are quite good!

  8. I found my version of 2gate goon posted on and heres the link:
    you can read the whole guide if you want but the build order I have is the last one he lists(aggressive 2 gate goon). Now you REALLY know why you can't win with just goons in your version of 2 gate goon.

    Thx for the back up man! I did try to only link to the BEST guides I could find.

  9. Welcome all you nameless visitors :-)!