Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrating defeat

Sometimes I feel that I suck more than others. Like lately I have lost a lot. I think I was like 24-22 on iccup and now I am 25-34. Sigh.

Some of it I can blame on encountering multiple 270 APM players with a record like 13-1, but most of it is just me not being good enough. Last season I mostly played against Terrans and developed a certain comfort in this match-up.

Against Terrans:
I almost always go 10/15 gate timing it so that I have dark templars out right after my 3rd or 5th dragoon. I don’t always know why I go with one over the other. I rarely win outright with the dragoons, but sometimes the dark templars will give me a free win. Recently I have started going straight for arbiters on just two bases. So far with decent results (I still lose, but hey… it is because I am bad).

Against Zerg:
I usually do a fast expand. I’ve learned that you need to cut probes around 15 supply to get enough canons and tech up in time. I havn’t been doing too great against zerg so far, but I mainly think I have issues of timing my build correctly. If I can secure my 3rd base and make it to the late game I win.

Against Protoss:
I used to two gate into robotics facility a lot, but I simply love the easy victory a 4-gate build sometimes gives me. Unfortunately that build tends to hand me some stupid loses too. Like when my opponent decides to do a 2 gate zealot opening and is very aggressive.

All these openings works great on Neo Medusa, which is map-of-the-week this week. It should offer me some opportunities. So far it has mostly given me loses :-)


  1. You seem to like loosing too much I guess :P

  2. lets compare the 2 Gate goon ranged build I got from a pro's youtube video which I have no idea what happened to(vanished 0.0)to your 2 gate goon ranged build.

    11assimilator!!! NOT 10 NOT 12 NOT 14! 11!!!!!!!!!
    14 Core NoT 13! Liquipedia's build starts getting wrong here. I tryed to get them to let me do the edit but no luck...
    15 pylon(another wrong spot!) From now on use pylons as "spotters"
    15 Gateway
    23pylon SPOTTER
    31pylon SPOTTER

    spotter pylon: a pylon placed at the edge of your base! (LT-the cliffs of your base, NOT THE RAMP!(least not till rest of base is pretty much "spotted" as I call it.) These are used to spot(spotter-spot SEE THE CONNECTION?)for drops on your base and (if its 2 port wraith)wraiths.

    Notes: get range ASAP and NO ZEALS Keep CONSTANT CONSTANT CONSTANT! Probe/Goon production! Also: 3marine<1goon
    Rally and set up a containment by positioning your goons in a semi-circle formation. If you don't do this then YOU WILL LOSE THE GAME!!! As soon as range is done PUSH PUSH PUSH IN! Use micro on your goons as much as you can while pushing and keep goons in formation as much as you can.

    When a goon is targeted move it back to the other side of the line of goons and do HOLD-MOVE-HOLD-MOVE on the goons while getting them in position and attacking. Move farther and farther back. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR GOONS TO BE ATTACKED OUT OF POSITION! You should get to the opponents base before he has a siege upgraded tank. I would practice on Othello(IC Cup map) and challenger(you know this map soooo well =D)to get used to the build and get your timing down(vs CPU of course). By the time you get to the terran's base he will probably have a couple rines and 1 tank out(no siege as mentioned earlier). If he uses his ramp 's height advantage (and walled) then just move out of range and target the wall. When wall is down make sure he follows you and run down the ramp- POSITION LIKE YOUR GOSU! In other words.... REALL REALLY FASTESTx2 FAST! Move-hold move hold-macro-move-hold-move-hold-macro-move-hold-move-hold-move-hold-macro-rinse and REPEAT!
    Few! That was LONG! Now my fingers are hurting! YOU BETTER APPRECIATE THIS! ;D GL HF MAN!

    p.s. This is my best BO I know out of ALL of my BOs for ALL MY MATCHUPS

  3. Heres the link to my fav. BO for PvZ(Neo-Sauron zerg only)
    I hope link works if not then, how did u get the links in the blog post above to work?
    PvP I go for a build close to yours but the post I will link to will also have a reply by knickknack about WHY your BO FAILS MISERABLY to 2gate! Learn that build! I don't play PvP very much anymore because I am currently focusing on PvT and PvZ so I can learn the other races BOs and Strategies too. I am the opposite of you tho in terms of wannabee terran. I am a wannabee Zerg! ;D ALIENS HERE MY CALL MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (lol sorry couldn't resist :>) ) If you ever need help learning zerg BOs and strategies(how to spot) tell me and I can find you TONS of guides and some of my own expierience too! Hope this helps because I AM TIRED! 0 shoot..... I didn't remember to do my essay on what I consider the best game I've ever played! Hmm.... I'll just go to sleep soon and then wake up at 4:OO and do it then! Then.... MORE SLEEP! YAY! lol... see ya

  4. shoot forgot LINK!

  5. I want some of the mushrooms you have been eating. What a posting frenzy ;-)!

    You sound kind of patronizing too; maybe I don't need your help quite that much?

  6. lol sorry, I just wanted to give you as much advice as I could. I learned a lot from just reading a huge amount of LOOOOOONG guides and posts(mainly on so thats why my posts are so long. It takes 5min. to do each post so why not give you as much info as possible?

  7. I thought babytoss' posts was very informative. At least they seemed so from a nonplaying perspective.

    In any case, since you loose more than you win atm. I do not think you're in a position to discard advice.

  8. Thx Kristian! :-]
    Heres some MORE info that I think will help EVERYONE no matter what!
    Its very informative and It took me FOREVER to find. I doubt many know about this great guide!

  9. Heres some info I (dream) have given! Its a lot like your blog in that it is mainly for me. I will be following but won't comment much here.