Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Protoss vs Protoss

I’ve played a couple of those matchups recently. How come they always drop a reaver in my mineral line exactly when I move out with all my units?

Should I really leave two dragoons back in my base? It seems I need all the forces that I got when I do that first push…

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  1. chances are if they spent their money on teching up to reaver really early than their army would be lacking compared to yours because u didnt tech up fast. So leaving 2 dragoons behind the mineral line wouldn't make too much of a difference. A better advice would be to leave just one dragoon, patrolling where ur opponent mite drop the reaver and to pay close attention to the mineral field when you're sending ur troops to attack (or just always.) As soon as u see the reaver drop, evade all ur probes as fast as you can and chase the reaver/shuttle away with ur 1 dragoon. However 2 is safer because ur opponent mite have the micro/guts to take out that 1 dragoon with the reaver. Your opponent should NEVER be dropping his reaver rite on top of ur probes