Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something I did right

Amidst all my suckiness and the fact that I don't get to play nearly as much as I'd like, I have to find hope in the small things I get right. Like this little detail from a 2v2 I played the other day.

I started out at 3 o'clock on Lost Temple and scouted a Zerg opponent at 12 going pool before overlord. When he also saved up his larva I knew he was going to rush with his first 6-8 zerglings. Probably supported by his Protoss ally. My first gateway was started slightly later than his pool and it was really my intention to go just one gateway. The possibility of an early rush made me change my mind and I quickly started my second gateway.

It didn't change the fact that he still would have 6 to 8 zerglings at my base just as my first zealot warped in. Not good. I looked at my ally and saw that if they rushed him he would be out. A Terran with no wall-in, and his lonely barracks so late that he was dead meat should they attack him. Our only hope was that I was the target!


Fortunately I was and I had to block my ramp using only probes. Even though probes are reasonably good fighters in the early game, zerglings could have torn through the block if they really wanted to. I think my Zerg opponent just attack moved my base and his zerglings wandered of unable to find a clear path to it. Shortly after the above screenshot my first zealot arrived and soon after that another two. After that my defense was solid.

In the end the game was still an epic loss as my ally just played SimCity by himself and when he, after much yelling, came to my rescue he moved his units to my base loosing most of them without inflicting any loses in return.

After the game I just sat there. Disappointed by another loss, yet happy that my scouting and reaction was as close to perfect as I can hope. I small pleasure I admit, but a pleasure anyway.

Here is the replay if anyone is interested.


  1. Oh man that was funny. That terran guy had an apm of 30... Complete noob. The protoss guy had 61. I think you and him were pretty much even. If you had reavers or temps you could have won it by yourself. But that would take turtling for a little while.

    Here, if you plan on using terran anymore try this. It's a hotkey trainer for UMS. It would help you better with all races I'm sure because you get used to the number hotkeys and f2-f4 keys. All you need is to get used to doing multiple things and control. Give it a try, it definitely helped me quite a bit.

    So pretty much all you need to do is work on some of the same stuff I need to work on - Multitasking. And making sure you always have units queued in each building. That is also pretty important.

    I would give more tips but I don't know much about toss builds... But I can you'd learn so much by researching a tad bit just know the standard builds and playing more games (lose a lot). Experience is best!

    Hope you have more time to play! :-)