Thursday, October 23, 2008

My God - it's full of hacks

Just to paraphrase 2001, one of my favorite movies. Sometimes I log on to to play a casual game or two. Often a random pick-up 2v2 on Lost Temple or 3v3 on The Hunters. It is casual gaming and not the competitive environment found on iC Cup. Today I played 3 such games. My goal was to practice build orders and some technique to improve my APM.

The first one I lost. A 2v2 on Lost Temple where my ally managed to get beaten up a lot by a reaver drop he did not anticipate while I first intercepted a drop on my own main and then proceeded to drop my closest opponent. Unfortunately my opponent was semi-competent and lost only 5-8 SCVs by my drop as compared to the 20+ probes my ally lost. After that it was pretty much GG. At the replay I could then see that I had the lowest APM around 75 and my ally the highest around 220! So much for a high APM!

The second game was a 3v3 on The Hunters. Basically my team low-tech rushed them slightly before they rushed us and we had some intense encounters in the middle of the map as 5 armies clashed. Unfortunately one of the opponent was teching, so eventually we got the advantage on the ground and wiped out one of his allies before he got a sizable high-tech army. After that it was just a question of keeping the pressure on the two remaining players until we won. A classic Hunters game. I still managed to have the lowest APM. In this game I defiantly spent too much time in the attack and managed my base less than optimal. It is hard to balance those two things.

The last game was yet another 2v2 on Lost Temple. My ally scouted the 6 o'clock Zerg with his overlord and instantly saw the opponent using the "cancel drone" hack. That was lame so he quit and I had to do the same. After the game I had to watch the replay to confirm for myself that the opponent was hacking. He was. Hacks are rampant on


  1. man I really hate hackers. ADV loader would tell you when someone used mineral but since the last update the program doesn't work. That's one of the reasons I only play on iCCup these days. I usually play 1v1 though because of the pressure x_x

  2. What do you mean by 'cancel drone' hack? It's acceptable to start an extractor, then a 10th drone, then cancel the extractor, if that's what you mean, you just lose I think 13 minerals in the process


    That's the hack he's talking about