Saturday, August 23, 2008

Almost giving up

So I reinstalled my computer and suddenly the sound is not always working when playing Starcraft. That is annoying. I did play a few 3v3 on (regular) Hunters just see if I could diagnose the issue. One of the games were with 2 really good allies against 3 really good opponents. We were being raped due to my suckiness and my allies were discussing the n00b (aka me) on their team. Rating my ability to control my units, expand and manage my base. Extremely rude and humiliating. And I was playing without sound too.

I tried to install Starcraft on my laptop and the sound works, but it is almost impossible to use the keyboard effectively in the game on the laptop. It won't work out for competitive playing.

Then I installed Warcraft III (both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne) on my desktop computer and it has no sound problems at all. Quite puzzling. I then finished the human campaign in RoC and a few games against the computer. Starcraft is a way better game than Warcraft III, but it is hard to deny the many minor features that Warcraft III got right: Like the sound working! and automatic match making.

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