Thursday, July 17, 2008

What can a Starcraft Player Earn?

When I talk to people about the Korean Starcraft scene I am often met with a lot of skepticism. First: Can it really be true that eSports is more than a teenage boy's fantasy in any part of the world? Secondly: How much can a Player really earn, playing Starcraft. I've often wondered about that myself and it is not easy to find a solid number. An article in the Herald Tribune specifies that top players can earn in excess of $100.000 a year. I don't know if all pro-players earn that, but I do know that the KeSPAs (Korean eSport Association) official numbers of Starcraft Professionals in Korea is around 600.

julywins40miowon This picture is from the Starleague 2008 final, showing July winning 40 million Korean Won. That is about $40,000, which I think is a pretty hefty sum.

Best, the second place got half of that amount. Still a lot without being high stakes Poker.


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    I also used to be a better player, but nowadays I'm not. If you want to, we can practice. I think we are on the level.

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