Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bordering the Sea

So I played three games against a Protoss called Veramar. Thanks to my eternal suckiness I lost the first two and only managed to secure the victory in the third and final game.

5 minutes into the first game, I realized that I was a better player than him and yet still managed to loose to a reaver drop in my mineral line. Pathetic play!

The second one was slightly better. He basically pumped zealots from two gateways and I tried to hold my ramp using scvs to block and marines behind them to hit the zealots. I think I could have managed this better by using 3 scvs. Two to block and the third to repair what ever was being hit. But I was to nervous to pull that many scvs from gathering resources. That was a bad judgment call. When I finally had enough troops to secure the ramp he gave up attacking with zealots alone and I countered. When I reached his base he had dark templars and I had to flee. This basically sealed the game in his favor, although it went on for another 5 to 8 minutes.

In the third game I decided to be a chicken and block the ramp with buildings. He then went for a reaver drop like in the first game, but I had suspected he might and I had units to defeat it. I still need to work on placing them better when anticipating a drop. When the drop failed I went for a contain and slow tank push up his ramp. This was a very safe victory for me. Surprisingly enough I had gathered the least resources when the game ended. Impressive how even a failed reaver drop can set you back!

Since iC Cup rewards a win with 130 points and punishes a loss with -50, I ended up gaining 30 points total. I'm not so sure I deserved that given how badly I lost the two first games.

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