Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Streaming Games

I find setting up a solid video stream to be one of the most frustrating exercises possible. And yet I have actually managed to set one up. Quality is not fantastic as I am limited to uploading on a fairly crappy ADSL line, but the quality is acceptable.

I’m playing very casually these days, so actually catching a moment where my stream is online is probably not that easy. I can however upload the videos to YouTube after the stream is done. JustinTV has that nice feature.

TvT on Backwater Gulch – Opponent is in Platinum.

So far I’ve recorded one ladder game. I’m mostly talking to myself in Danish though, so it might not be for an international audience.

The game is quite good I think. At least there is a lot of action all around and while I am sure my gameplay can be criticized for a lot of things, I’m actually mostly satisfied with it for now.

I especially like some of the big battles where I have to counter a ton of siege tanks using mostly marines. Coming from a Brood War background, it really surprises me every time it works.


  1. what word fafner menas?

  2. "Fafner" is basically just the online handle I've been using for myself for the last 13 years. The origin is from Norse Mythology as explaing here:

  3. thanks, ragarding game lol, i know u were testing macro, so passive game ok, but man take better care of your army, sending medivac to missls 3 vikings die in vain etc... lol just little bit more care of units and would be lot better :D