Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going Against the Trend

I know PvZ is considered slightly in Protoss favor at the moment. That is not what I experience. I’ve lost 9 of my last 15 games – the majority of those against Zergs. In my frustration I have probably been a little on a tilt too. Not a pretty thing.

I think that the main reason for my loses is an overall shift in the meta game. And that I feel that I am behind on the learning curve here. A couple of months back it was all about mutalisks and using the mobility of Zerg vs Protoss. That has caused me to go light on zealots which now has become a problem when mass zerglings into roaches seems to be the new standard opening.

I suck at this game and often feel that I mis-click more than I should. Or mis-judge the situation when in hindsight it was obvious what I should have done. That becomes frustrating after 6-7 loses in a row. And everything just builds on top of that.

Now I am simply dreading playing versus Zerg and at the same time I find Protoss vs Protoss a really complicated and scary matchup. I’m considering a race-switch, but I also know it is a huge change and that there is a lot I would have to re-learn. I wish I didn’t suck so much at this.


  1. The match making system is whats behind this. Im not saying i agree with it, but i dont disagree with it either. It conviently puts us up against opponents oh higher caliber at times. From these match ups i tend to learn more about what i did wrong that a match against someone on level or lower than my "skill level." Everyone goes through a losing streak, and everyone goes through a winning one. All of us, even the pros, use the same match making system. Concentrate on the mistakes you made and make a goal to jsut improve that part of your play.

  2. i m glad that you still suck, and site title is still relevant.


    Just relax and enjoy da game :D

    even i love all your bitching!!!