Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Starcraft in India

I was in India and as reported got my account locked from out there. Laughs all around. So what do you do Starcraft related in India when your account is locked?

Well, you can go to a mall to check out the local shops selling Starcraft and to see how the game is promoted there. Unfortunately that quest turned out to be in vain as I simply couldn’t find a game shop. And that got me thinking.

Is Starcraft even viable in India? Most of my co-workers out there are in IT, yet they are not into gaming at all. Why? Because to them software development is more about a good career, than about being nerds. Good for them I assume, but they are missing out on the wonderful world of eSport.

And then there is the common loss of all electricity and network connectivity. At least I experienced a lot of that so I assume it is common all over (I might be wrong). How would the “always online” experience of Starcraft II work out? I assume losing electricity would be bad enough for LANs, even though it is not unheard of in professional tournaments either


  1. For once I think Maslow's hierarchy of needs can be used to explain that why your indian co-workers dont play starcraft and maybe why nerds do.
    If you are a succes and have lots of ties to the surrounding reallife comunity, you proberly dont need to gain friendship, esteem and self-actualization from an eSport community
    by spending countless hours in front of a computer, showing behavior that would get a monkey put down by the vet.
    So it could be that they on relative terms live a more forfilling life than your average nerd?
    Naa you're prolly right in assuming its because of the frequent powercuts ...
    have a nice day :)
    - Niemann

  2. Oh please! that song is probably old as humanity itself!

    I wouldn't be surprised it there were cavemen that claimed that those individuals doing the cave paintings needed to "get a real life and stop fooling around".

  3. @Bartokaj:
    I didn't write that Fafner should stop playing starcraft... or that he is fooling around or needs to get a "real" life - whatever that is.
    If it works for you and add quality/value to your life for whatever reason - why stop?

    - Niemann

  4. Is it fun? Yeah!

    Does it hurt the Zerg? Yeah.

    Well, then its ok! :)

  5. I am playing Starcraft 2 in India - multiplayer. I have a UPS which gives me backup for 10 hours in case of power outage. Digital download is an option for countries where the CD doesnt sell. There are sites that sell only the key.

  6. Thanks for telling me. It is interesting to know how people are playing all over the world.

  7. Starcraft 2 is kicking off well in India. Tournaments, community, everything.

    I just registered to play a tournament organized by this new gaming commmunity called 8x4Gamer.

    The tournament is called Weekend Warzone, andit is a Starcraft 2 tournament for indian gamers (with real prizes given by sponsors!)

    More details at: 8x4gamer.com/wwz


  8. funny post. We have a lot of guys playing, we recently had a tournament in Goa too. You should join our group at Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/starcraft2india/