Saturday, August 7, 2010

So Many Protoss

protoss_50x100If you can consistently beat Protoss, then I think you are in a good shape for taking the top spot on the ladder. There are so many Protoss’ out there. In fact I just finally ended a PvP streak of 8 by meeting a Terran. That felt so wrong somehow. It is like Starcraft II is just for Protoss and no other faction at all!

I like to play Protoss too, but I don’t like that all games are mirror match-ups and I don’t do particularly well in this match-up either.

Currently I find Protoss vs Zerg the most fun match-up. Maybe because Zerg is a little under powered here, but I prefer to think that it is because the matches tends to be drawn out macro games more. That I like.

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  1. Yeah I agree completely, also the fact that the Match up is pretty stale I would estimate that 3-4/5 games would include some kind of early gateway/zealot pushes being that in base builds or proxyes due to the fact its pretty easy to win with and pretty hard to defend against.

    Perhaps we should get some specific training going on PvP style to try some different tactics I would love to see your 2 gate zealot into warp ray build since I haven't seen that strategy yet, also some general practise against proxying would help me out quite alot in that MU