Friday, August 27, 2010

Say Hello to Lambda

I was on a serious tilt yesterday. I lost a series of 1v1 games against Terrans and was trying out more and more extreme variants of my opening play. It didn’t help and I kept losing.

Suddenly, after one of the game my opponent send me a message: “Are you Fafner the blogger"? I guess I am and that mark the first time I know I have played and lost to a lurker on this site.

So everybody, say Hello to Lambda. He is a Terran, who likes to drop Hellions in you probe line. Just to let you know (and if I remember the game correctly) ;-).


  1. you are all on EU servers right?

    I play at SEA Region, hope I can come across with you guys.

  2. Dropping hellions is just BM tbh :)

  3. @promking: I'm on EU and so is AiurAdun. Many readers here are on NA.

    @AiurAdun: Yeah, but Terrans making 1 marauder or 1 marine or 1 reaper is BM too. Basically anything a Terran does is BM ;-).

  4. I actually play random, and that was probably my first helion drop :)

    And I would also add that helion-dropping is certainly less bm than rage-quitting. Just saying... ;)

  5. I didn't rage-quit :-). I just quit, like I do in all games regardless of whether I win or lose.

    I've always thought that staying in game to chat and all that is pointless in an online game. That is what I have a blog and friends for.