Saturday, July 17, 2010

Climbing the Ladder (Again)

I’m massing games this weekend. Okay, that just means that I plan on playing 5 games or more, but just the same: I’m trying to make an effort to climb the ladder that so unjustly placed me in Gold Division.

imageI play all 1v1 maps (except Desert Oasis) and I am always Protoss. Are the above 6 games a coincidence? All opponents were Terran and at least four of them reaper rushed. Blizzard can’t of course predict  what strategy a given player will employ, but it seems to be a stretch that this is all random.

There are 6 maps I play. The likelihood of getting the same one 6 times in a row is about (1/6)^5 if I remember my math correctly. Or 0.012%. Getting Terran opponents on all matches is even less likely.
My theory is that Blizzard wants more hard data on certain match ups and maps and are deliberately stacking the matches this way.
Tinfoil hat on!


  1. I don't hear any other protoss players besides you complaining of reapers.

  2. I mainly complaining about the reaper because it is such a boring unit and soo many Terrans open up reapers.

    It forces the Protoss opening to be one and one build only, which makes the game less diverse. If the Terran keeps producing reapers 3-4+ and not instant-win, he will lose shortly thereafter. It is such an all-in thing to do.

  3. It seems very easy to counter doesn't it? Make a stalker as soon as you can. How does making 2 or three stalkers make the game less diverse? Just because you can't make all zeolots?