Friday, February 19, 2010

80 Games Status

I have played 80 1v1 games on iccup thus far this season. Last season I only played PvT on Medusa and got to high D+. This season I have been mixing it up by playing one map-of-the-week and against any race.

race_statisticsAs you can see my win rate against Protoss and Terran are around 50%, but against Zerg a lousy 27%! The decent results against Terrans i attribute to the practice I put into that match-up last season. Against Protoss I think it is mostly due to this match-up not being very well understood. Its like people aren’t even trying to understand mirror match-ups. I’ve found that I kinda like Protoss vs. Protoss games.

The insane number of loses to Zerg I simply don’t understand. I have a feeling that I out to work on putting more pressure on my opponent in the early mid game. Right now it is to comfortably to stay contained after you fast expansion. This leads to long games, but in the end I get run over.

(And yeah, I will comment on Starcraft 2 Beta soon. So far I’m one of the lucky guys who don’t have to test an unfinished game ;-()

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