Saturday, October 4, 2008

When we ruled the ladder

Okay so this is a bit of a repost as I already had a similar posting on my personal blog a few years back. But as this is my dedicated RTS game blog, I think it deserves a repost.


I took the above screenshot the day that Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos was released. I and a few friends had gone to Betafon at midnight in Copenhagen to pick up the game and we went straight back home to play.

Gibborama and I played a ton of 2v2 games that night and made it to number 7 on the 2v2 ladder on Northrend. It was a really fun night especially as we could see how a single defeat would set us back compared to the other teams which were clearly doing the same as us.

Of course the competition was hardly fair, as we had been playing the "beta" for months and most people we met was playing for the very first time


  1. Good times :)

    I doubt that any of the teams in top20 was playing the game for the first time though. I remember us taking 20 more games the following night going 16-4 (if i could just control the things i remember :S). Looking forward to SC2 now...Any word on the beta yet?

  2. No they probably weren't, but quite a lot of those we defeated in the beginning were... I seem to remember something about the 16-4 as well... Damn, those were the days.

    As for the beta. No news yet, but we have BlizzCon in just 3 days and hopefully they will announce something there. Probably not the beta though, but we can hope.