Thursday, October 2, 2008

Level 18 with no skills

My Warcraft III team made it to level 18 while raking up defeats. Even at this level loosing means very little so basically every win takes you one step further towards the top of the ladder. That is if the Blizzard ladder was working, which it is not. I have no idea why it isn't maintained anymore.

We started out at level 14 at 7-2 and ended up at level 18 at 11-8. So basically we lost more than we won. Especially the first many games tonight. At some point we realized that we encountered a few teams that doubled raxed us, and then we started doing the same. That was a complete success. We are playing Undead, Human and Orc, and two of us (the Human and Orc) are doing a double rax whereas our Undead player is teching towards statues.

It seems to work and the competition seems to be totally random. Some teams are very good and most are extremely sucky. Our advantage is that we play well together and that we have voice communication. It seems like a cheat, but it works. I foresee that we reach level 20 very soon.

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