Sunday, July 13, 2008

Defeat frenzy

I've not been playing much lately. I blame real life and work, but mostly I've been avoiding logging on to iC Cup. The defeats were getting to me and it was no fun.

But today I have played a series of games. All of them on Tau Cross: a map I don't really like, but all the other bonus maps this week are worse. I've played a few Terran vs. Terran games where I have lost very fast. I don't understand why, when I go fast wraiths against a Terran I loose, but when a Terran goes fast wraiths against me I still loose. That does not seem fair.

I even lost a regular game against a Zerg. The only match up I am reasonably confident about. He harassed me with mutalisks, then did a switch to lurkers and zerglings. The harassment set me back a lot and the lurker containment had me locked up in my base for awhile. Just when I was ready to break out, he switch his remaining mutalisks into guardians and killed me.

My final game was against another zerg. When I scouted him, I saw that he was going 9-drones, spawning pool and even when his second overlord spawned he did not make drones of his larva. I take a little pride in deducing the obvious: That he would attack me with 6 or 8 zerglings right away. When they arrived in my base I had one marine and a bunker. With that and my scvs I fended the attack off. He tried a few follow up attacks and then quit. That was quite stupid as I had not really used my advantage much and I think he could have survied my counter attack and gone into mid game. Pretty weird.

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