Thursday, May 1, 2008

Terran Dominance

Okay so I don't always loose, although I certainly deserve it. I recently ended up as Terran against another Terran on Lost Temple and lost all hope before the game even had begun. Sigh! Playing another Terran is guaranteed to make the game last at least 40 minutes and nothing is more frustrating that playing for so long, just to loose.

Terran versus Terran is by far my worst match-up. I know how to handle Zerg and I am comfortable going up against a Protoss player. But mirror games where you play an opponent of the same race is tricky. And no mirror match-up is more tricky than Terran versus Terran.

Once those games were decided by who got to wraiths first and who could use the fast wraiths to harass expansions the best. When Blizzard patched the game to extend the range of the Goliaths missiles that strategy went down the drain. I thought going Wraiths would be so old-school as to warrant a try anyway ;-).

Unfortunately it didn't work! My initial group of about 5 Wraiths got hammered as they entered my opponents base and I lost all but one of them. Under normal circumstances this would be the end of the game, but not with a Terran mirror match-up. I knew I could defend myself even if I had just thrown away all my offensive forces.

Then they game got weirder and weirder. I succeeded in putting tanks up outside his natural expansion so he couldn't get out. This is good I thought and expanded to all the other resource sites on the map intending to starve him out of the game. It worked, but not completely. My opponents would constantly load up 4 to 5 Dropships with Goliaths, Tanks and Vultures and drop their load on one of my expansions; I'd retake the expansion but at great looses.

For a really long time I thought I could easily loose the game, but after around 35 to 40 minutes of play I suddenly got the upper hand and won. It was a weird game. I had total map control for most of the game and controlled maybe 80% of the map at all times, yet we mined an equal amount of resources and I lost way more units than my opponent. In the end, however, he did run out of resources and I won. What a feeling :-)

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