Friday, May 30, 2008

How to get the joy of playing back

I was chatting with AiurAdun on messenger randomly about some games he had played. I was kinda annoyed that he had not asked if I wanted to play too, but suddenly we both went online to play. One game was all we had time for, 'cause it was getting late.

I made a game on Othello. Othello is an iC Cup map, that I had never played before and neither had AiurAdun. So all was set up for disaster.

The game is different as a team game. Your opening moves are more limited, as gambling and going up the tech-tree fast is out of the question. Does both opponents attack you, then your tech-before-units gamble will make you loose. Scouting the map for hidden expansions is also less important, as the map feels smaller when there are four players in the game, rather than two.

While all those elements makes the game less complicated, the team work and the flow of the team work does the opposite.

So we played. Terran and protoss against a team of the same races. They quickly got more expansions than us, but we attacked most. I got in two got drops on our protoss opponent and was reasonably successful. The game was very intense for more than 30 minutes, but it felt very good since we seemed to be ahead most of the time.

Being successful and not sucking for a while is good.

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